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300-hrs Intensive Program for teachers and practitioners

"Yoga is your direct intimacy with the nurturing power of Life"​

Become a 300 hrs Yoga Teacher

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to return to the timeless wisdom and practices that mystics developed throughout the last millennia. In doing so, we are able to engage with life from a space of higher understanding, awareness, and love.

Wisdom was developed in times of chaos and confusion, as a powerful system to cultivate our inner energies and awaken our potential as human beings. However, these days there is so much misunderstanding about the real meaning of these teachings, regarding both the ancient practices and the modern application of this very efficient spiritual technology.

The 300-hrs Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced and non-dogmatic program for yoga teachers who want to dive deeper into the timeless wisdom, not only to radically develop your skills and the quality of your teachings, but to tap into your full potential as a human being, integrating powerful tools to cultivate meaningful and intimate relationships with yourself, others, and the nature of reality.

This program serves as a bridge between the core essence of the classical teachings and the transformative modern tools of embodiment and conscious relating, in order to bring a practical application of the tradition into our modern lives.

Meet the teachers

Sebastian Valensi


Sebastian is a Yoga Philosophy, Tantra, and Meditation teacher, as well as a retreat leader and seeker of truth. For the last 7 years, he has been fully dedicated on a quest for healing, understanding, and happiness, traveling the world and studying with masters and mystics. Now he is on a mission to share this powerful wisdom and these transformative tools with others, to help them live a meaningful and authentic life, express fearlessly, and find alignment with the essence of who they really are.
Caroline Pontual

tantrik embodiment

Caro is a holistic therapist, Tantra Yoga teacher, and nutritionist, specialized in women’s health and feminine embodiment. She is an initiator of deep transformation, and her passion is to help people remember the freedom and liberation of being completely authentic and sexually empowered. She has been fully devoted for the past few years in supporting people to feel home again, tapping into their full potential, connecting to their self in a deeper and sacred way.
Megan Saukulak


Megan is an asana, meditation, and Hindu theology teacher who has guided more than 600 trainees to become yoga teachers. Inspired by her studies with a priestess in a sacred village in East Bali, she found her purpose through storytelling, by weaving the tales of the deities into narrative-driven asana classes inspired by Balinese Hinduism.  Her hope for the world is that all beings recognize their own inherent divinity, that we may know that there is nothing that isn’t sacred.
Manjeet Mathur


Manjeet bridges the gap between eastern philosophy and western intellectual self-development tools. He believes in empowering people with yoga and meditation practices which create deep transformation as well as the ability to hold space for others professionally. He is as comfortable discussing Veda and yoga topics as he is guiding heart meditations and combining dance and yoga sequences.
Being Human and embracing both Life and the Space beyond are his top priorities.

Lua Leo

kundalini & embodiment

Lua is a Kundalini and Yin Yoga Teacher and the founder of Magical Dance, a modality that regroups: Authentic movement, dance therapy, polarity exploration, body isolation drills, emotional alchemy, ecstatic dance, and much more. She is passionate about awakening our radiance and magic through self-love, dance, expression, and connection.  She wants to spark all humanity with radiance and unconditional acceptance through heart-based teachings, dance, and yoga.


Full price

*All prices do not include meals or accommodation
  • 28 Days Full Training
  • Yoga Alliance 300 / 500 hrs. Certification
  • Course Material
  • Lifetime Experience

Early Bird

Until June 2020 or until the spots run out - 4 spots left
  • 28 Days Full Training
  • Yoga Alliance 300 / 500 hrs. Certification
  • Course Material
  • Lifetime Experience
  • With a $200 USD deposit you can save your spot, this deposit is non-refundable unless travel restrictions due to covid make your travel impossible

Why is this program so unique?

Non-dogmatic & unique curriculum

We are not intending to protect or preserve any specific spiritual lineage, we are here for truth. Even though we base all teachings in the tradition of classical Hatha, we trust in the importance of adapting the core concepts into our modern life. Hatha-Tantra is a science and practitioners are scientists, so we encourage our students to not accept nor reject, but instead contemplate and investigate the philosophies and practices in the laboratory of themselves.

Focus on Personal Development

Teaching from a space of authenticity and integrity is tremendously important in order to create a strong personal practice that will serve you as a foundation to lead from the heart. Unlike most programs, it is important for us to create sacred spaces for self-exploration, shadow work, conscious relating, authentic communication, and fearless expression that will impact not only your teachings but your entire life in a powerful way.

International world-class teachers

We deeply value diversity, not only cultural, racial, sex, and gender-based diversity, but diversity of thoughts and life perspectives. We trust we can all come together and share from a space of love. Yoga means union, and the embodiment of this practice is all about connection. Our teachers are from all over the world: India, Brasil, Chile, and the United States, with very different life experiences to create a richer, more expansive experience.

World's best location

This program will take place in Ubud, which translates to “Medicine” and is located on the beautiful and powerful island of Bali. Also well-known as “The Island of the Gods”, Bali is the only Hindu island in all of Indonesia, and it has strong Bhakti and Tantric influence from the tradition. Rituals and ceremonies are part of Balinese daily life. The weather, the jungle, the nearby beaches, and the incredibly kind locals make Ubud the perfect location for this program.


Most frequent questions and answers

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Yoga Alliance®️ RYT 300 hrs certification, so if you have your 200 hrs registered, you will be eligible to be RYT 500 which is a globally recognized credential from the largest certifying body of yoga teachers in the world.

This program is designed for yoga practitioners and teachers who have a foundational understanding and practice of Yoga. Also, only 200 hrs Registered Yoga Teachers (Yoga Alliance) will be able to add this 300 hrs for their 500 hrs certification. However, if you are not a Yoga Teacher but have a solid practice, message us to consider your situation.

This is a full-time training, so it is only for people who are ready to immerse themselves fully into the experience for a whole month from early morning until sunset.

A beautiful yoga studio in a quiet area surrounded by rice fields just a few minutes driving from Ubud center.

The program doesn’t include food and accommodation; however, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can stay on the premises (subject to availability) or in other walking-distance guesthouses and villas. There is a yummy plant-based restaurant on the premises as well! More specific information and personal guidance will be sent upon registration; however, if you have any questions right now feel free to message us!

This program is initially non refundable, however, we are aware of the current global situation, so if you can’t assist due to travel restrictions that are beyond your control, we totally understand and we are happy to do a full refund (without the processing fees). And of course, if for some reason the program were to be cancelled or postponed, will be refunded as well.

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