Costa Rica

November 19-26, 2022 | Montezuma



It’s time to bring the ancient wisdom of classical Tantra into an holistic and modern application for our lifestyle and relationships. It’s time to embody your yoga to every aspect of your life.

The Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training utilizes a very organic and authentic methodology to dive deeper into the nature of the self, cultivate your inner power and develop conscious relationships.



Did you know that most of the modern yoga practices have Tantric roots?

The science of Tantra, however, is way more vast than doing a few fancy poses on your yoga mat and then moving on with your life.

It’s about tapping into your true essence and revealing that potential, fearlessly and authentically.

It’s about integrating your spiritual practice into your daily life.

Through transformational philosophy, embodied movement, breath, sound and authentic expression dynamics, the Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training provides a safe and sacred space to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself. This system also encourages an active participation in the real world by learning to fearlessly express yourself, authentically connect with others and by accessing your full potential as a human being.

It offers a space to go deep within so you can support the path of others to do the same.


“The Tantric Embodiment system comes to break the rigidity and linearity of a typical yoga class, emphasizing on embodied movement, meditative practices and authentic expression dynamics"

Why is this program so unique?

Non-dogmatic & unique curriculum

At The Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training, we are not intending to protect or preserve any specific spiritual lineage, we are here for truth. Even though we base all teachings in the tradition of classical Tantra, we trust in the importance of adapting the core concepts into our modern life. Tantra is a science, and practitioners are scientists. So we encourage our students to not accept nor reject, but instead contemplate and investigate the philosophies and practices in the laboratory of themselves.

Focus on Personal Development

Teaching from a space of authenticity and integrity is tremendously important in order to create a strong personal practice that will serve you as a foundation to lead from the heart. Unlike most programs, it is important for us to create sacred spaces for self-exploration, shadow work, conscious relating, authentic communication, and fearless expression that will impact not only your teachings but your entire life in a powerful way.

International world-class teachers

We deeply value diversity, not only cultural, racial, sex, and gender-based diversity, but diversity of thoughts and life perspectives. We trust we can all come together and share from a space of love. Yoga means union, Tantra means expansion, and the embodiment of this practice is all about connection. The different backgrounds and perspective of the facilitators will create a richer, more expansive experience.

World's top location

This program will take place in Montezuma, immerse into the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world, which are the longevity hotspots of the planet where people live healthier and longer! The weather, the jungle, the nearby beaches, the tropical luxury, and the epic vibes, makes this breathtaking spot the perfect location for this program.


Within the resort, we will be making our home in the main hotel space. Relax in Balinese-inspired rooms overlooking the gorgeous Pochote tree, swimming pool and restaurant. You will be resting on your own king-size bed within a shared suite with a kitchenette, WiFi, TV, A/C and a large deck. Private options available.

What people say?


Sebastian Valensi is a spiritual educator, modern philosopher and retreat leader.

He has been facilitating and guiding people into the timeless wisdom of Yoga and Tantra through international retreats and teacher training programs, mentoring over 700 students not only to become Yoga Teachers but to become authentic leaders and game-changers in the world-community.

For him, Yoga is fearless expression of the self, and he believes that radical authenticity is spiritual-based activism and the medicine for the modern world.


Check-in is on Saturday November 19th at 3 pm, however, you can still come earlier that day and enjoy the venue until your room is ready. The evening of the same day will be the opening circle of the training, so make sure you make it on time!

Check out will be on Saturday November 26th at 10 am, the venue will happily assist you to book a taxi or a transfer to the airport or to any other breathtaking spot of Costa Rica.

How to arrive? You can fly to the international airport of San Jose, which is the capital of Costa Rica, or to Liberia International Airport. From there you can book a taxi with our venue. Another good option is taking the puddle jumper plane to Tambor or a bus from San Jose.

After booking, we can help you to choose the best option for you.

preliminary daily program

7:00 AM Morning Meditation
8:00 AM Tantric Embodiment
9:30 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM Tantric Philosophy
12:00 PM Workshop | Group Dynamic
1:30 PM Launch + Break
3:30 PM Workshop
5:30 PM Tantric Sadhana
7:00 PM Dinner


Full training course and workshops
✓ Course certification
✓ Shared accommodation (private options available)
✓ 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals
✓ Water, tea, coffee and snacks served throughout the day
✓ WiFi connection
✓ Housekeeping and resort staff
✓ Kirtan night
✓ Ecstatic dance
✓ Group excursion and activities
✓ Full access to The Heart of Tantra Online Immersion
Group excursion and activities
✓ Post-training online support

6 installments of $497

or one investment of $2,947

*Deposit is non-refundable
*Full tuition should be paid by November 5th
*Ask for private rooms availability
*Payment options available
*Coupon codes can be used after the deposit is paid


Most frequent questions and answers

Upon successful completion of the training, Yoga Teachers will receive a Tantric Embodiment Teacher certificate, and this program will count towards meeting the Yoga Alliance®️ Continuing Education Requirements (YACEP). Yoga Alliance is a globally recognized credential from the largest certifying body of Yoga Teachers in the world. For those who are not Yoga Teachers, a certificate of completion of the course (not a teacher certification) will be provided after successful completion of the training.

Yes, however, this program is designed for yoga practitioners and teachers who have a foundational understanding and practice of Yoga. Also, only 200 hrs Registered Yoga Teachers will be able to add this to the YACEP program of Yoga Alliance and obtain the Tantric Embodiment Teacher certificate. If you are not a Yoga Teacher you can still join to bring more tools and depth to your personal practice.

This is a full-time training, so it is expected for the students to immerse themselves fully into the experience for as along as the training last. You can expect 8-10 hours a day of movement, meditation, breathwork, group dynamics, dance and a lot of magic!

You can fly to the international airport of San Jose, which is the
capital of Costa Rica, or to Liberia International Airport. From there,
one option is to rent a car and drive which will take around 4:30 hours
from San Jose (taking a ferry in Punta Arenas as an option) and 3:30 hrs
from Liberia without Ferry. You can also take a taxi from any airport
or a bus from the station.

Yes it does! The menu is vegetarian/vegan.

In Tantra, we bring awareness and cultivate our internal energies, and s.exual energy is a powerful vehicle for liberation. The Tantric Embodiment system incorporate individual practices to cultivate and alchemize s.exual energy. Explicit sex is not part of the class curriculum and in any other group dynamic for expression, connection and intimacy, we will always make sure that any partner/group work will be done in a consensual and safe space.

– The deposit is considered non-refundable.

– For full payments, the same $500 is non-refundable.

– Full refund of the rest is refundable only up to a month before the program start.

– No refunds after a month before the program start.

And of course, if for some reason the program were to be cancelled or postponed, full refund is applicable.

  • Airport transfer
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights costs
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary
  • Additional treatments

Yes of course! Many of our students take the trainings as an opportunity to learn and deepen their personal practice. There is no pressure to teach what you learn in this course.

what else do you need to take your practice and teaching to the next level?



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